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The Virtual Therapist: OTs + Online Revenue Streams [FACEBOOK GROUP]

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OTs in Women's Health [CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE]

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1 Lessons

If you're wanting to jump on a call and chat, you might want to know a little bit more about me first...

In a nutshell, I support visionary and trailblazing OTs to navigate the world of business and online marketing with confidence. I'm also the founder of a social enterprise that's devoted to helping the OT profession move forward in the area of women's health. This is a grassroots movement that has been near and dear to my heart since 2013! 

I run a number of groups and resources related to women's health, entrepreneurship and navigating the digital world as a therapist. These are my passions! 

It's also easy for me to go down a rabbit hole and spend hours of my week chatting and networking. This isn't very conducive to my role as CEO of our company, however, which is why I've built a structure into my discovery calls with very clear boundaries. 

Trust me, it's so much better when we're all more clear on what exactly we're signing up for and what we're going to get! 

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