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If you’re anything like me, you have a stash of free resources that people have shared with you over the years. Clinical resources, lead magnets, PDF handouts, informational videos and more. They’re stored for safekeeping in your inbox, on your desktop and in your Google Drive folder.

The problem? You don’t have any them organized in any particular order and to be honest, you can't seem to find them when you need them (meaning they're rarely used and taking up unnecessary virtual space in your life).

And while I’m feeling very keen in sharing more content with everyone, the minimalist in me also doesn’t want to add unnecessary clutter into your life!

Which is exactly how this free resource hub came about, where everything is located in one easy-to-find location with the click of a link. It's filled with valuable content created specifically for the occupational therapist that’s wanting to do more work in women's health but is feeling uncertain with the business and tech side of things. 

Simply click on the sign up link and dive in!



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Free Masterclasses

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Special Guest Interviews

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That's right, this section of our resource hub doesn't just include special guest interviews... It's filled with INSPIRATIONAL guest interviews! Get comfy, tune in and enjoy!! 


OTs in Women's Health

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Are you an OT in women's health? We're working on an exciting initiative that will include a platform that features more of the wonderful work you're doing! will include a blog, a private community for therapists, a library, a marketplace of featured products, a business hub and more! 

More About Melissa

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Me in a nutshell: I'm an OT-turned mindset coach and online business consultant. I'm Canadian, more specifically I'm an East Coast islander living a West Coast lifestyle.

After practicing as an OT for 13 years, I transitioned into a nonclinical role as a full time consultant, mindset coach and online business owner. 

I support OTs with a special interest women's health and entrepreneurship, to navigate the world of business and online marketing with confidence!  

You can check out my full website by going to 

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